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Where the Magic Happens


In the beginning, Devon Colarik started his career in the industry in 2015 after becoming certified in welding through his education at Lincoln Electric Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. The first two years were spent in ornamental iron work where he built artistic fencing, driveway gates, doors, and spiral staircases all fabricated from raw metal. It was the one of the first times he truly felt his career passion.


From 2017 to early 2019 he noticed his strength was having an eye for artistic detail fitting up parts.  By early 2019 after 4 years of fabricating and welding, he knew his calling was ornamental iron. With an appreciation for patience and perfection, there were no cutting corners with broken cheap tools or tactics. Shortly thereafter, employment inside corporate life was not fitting the mold, and his entrepreneurial mindset was off and running. Devon decided, with the support of his Family, to open his very own welding shop


"Having acquired the skills of bending, forging, cutting, and manipulating metal into whatever shape or form I see fit is magic to me. In early spring of 2019 I left my corporate welding job and Magic Metal was born."

Our Service Commitment

Our Quality


The work produced by Magic Metal I stand behind 100%. The Company was born from the idea of perfection and high quality craftsmanship. It's my passion to know we left with the customer happy.

~Devon Colarik, Founder

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